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Jailed marine Alexander Blackman freed from prison

Sgt Alexander Blackman received a life term in 2013 for murder, but his conviction was reduced to manslaughter.The 42-year-old from Taunton, Somerset, served more than three years of a seven-year sentence.

Judges at the Court Martial Appeal Court were told he had a recognised mental illness at the time of the killing in September 2011.

Blackman - who was known as Marine A during the original trial process and fully identified when he was convicted - was serving his sentence at Erlestoke Prison, near Devizes, Wiltshire. He was released at 00:18 BST.

His original murder conviction was quashed in March.

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Veterans protest over Army prosecutions for Troubles killings

Army veterans have staged a rally in Belfast in protest against what they called "imbalanced" investigations into killings by soldiers in the Troubles. Read More: